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Our mission:

to bring colour to everyday life!

The pursuit of sustainability, female empowerment, and the creation of a colourful world is at the heart of Kind Bag's ethos today. With vibrant bags made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, perfected to serve you in your everyday life, we make products that do good and look good!

Kind Bag is a women-owned and run company, based in London, UK. Our products are carefully designed by our London team, aiming to encourage slow fashion by championing high-quality and timeless, colourful designs that can revolutionise your everyday wardrobe.


Our Story

Kind Bag is a young and passionate company based in Islington, London, established in 2019.

Back in 2019, our founder Maria started Kind Bag with a mission: to combat plastic pollution and make a positive impact on the world whilst carving the way for women in business. Growing up in Tenerife, surrounded by the beautiful ocean, she developed an early appreciation of the natural world.

Whilst struggling to find a bag that was strong enough to fit her grocery shopping and belongings, as well as one that looked good, the idea for Kind Bag and its first product, the reusable bag, was born! Aiming to encourage slow fashion by championing high-quality and timeless designs, Maria redirected her focus entirely towards creating a product that would both help combat the plastic epidemic and feed into her love for fashion.

The idea for Kind Bag was born with a simple yet impactful observation: The world needed a bag that was not only strong for everyday use but also stylish and vibrant enough to add joy to any outfit. Maria’s relentless pursuit of sustainability, female empowerment, and a colourful world is at the heart of Kind Bag's ethos today. Under her leadership, Kind Bag has evolved into a brand that celebrates individuality, supports the creative endeavours of women, and brings a burst of colour to everyday life.

Since then, so many of you have joined our mission and Kind Bag has now rescued over 5.5 million plastic bottles from going to landfill and the ocean.

We're currently a small team working together towards our big mission. Every accessory we design has sustainability, functionality and beauty at the forefront. We put thought and care into everything we do, ensuring every last detail and its impact is considered. When there is an ever growing mountain of plastic waste, why make more when you can help reduce it?

Here at Kind Bag we work hard to empower people to live a more sustainable life and make kind choices whilst looking good with fun and colourful products!

Big Change Starts with Small Steps

Plastic pollution can feel like too big an issue to tackle and you may feel overwhelmed. But, when we all join forces, we can make a big difference. Thank you for being part of our mission. Let's be kind to the planet together.



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