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Happy Eco News: November

Beat the blues with some happy eco news!

 Let's get December started right with some positive eco news! Sometimes things can get bleak in the fight against climate change and we get bogged down by scary statistics and headlines. That's why we treat you to some Happy Eco News at the end of each month. Continue reading for our September happy news round up and for a little reminder that our efforts and kindness can make a different!
Fish swimming declared extinct come back to life

Amid Mexico’s Day of the Dead festivities, a community released thousands of golden skiffia fish back into the species’ native range in the Teuchitlán River in Jalisco state.

The fish, declared extinct in the wild in 1996, were part of a captive-breeding program and nearly 10 years of restoration work to restore their habitat and remove some of the threats that would prevent successful reintroduction.

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Solar panels that power a Welsh hospital

The solar farm is a supplementary power source, which means that the hospital remains connected to the grid so at night when the farm isn't generating power, or if there's a fault, the hospital always has power.

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 University hall that pledges to divest from fossil fuels

This equates to 65% of the country’s higher education sector refusing to make at least some investments in fossil fuel companies, and endowments worth more than £17.6bn now out of reach for the corporations.

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 Birds at sunset. Birds bought back from extinction

The black-naped pheasant pigeon was last documented by scientists in 1882. This rediscovery is an incredible beacon of hope for other bird that have been lost for a half century or more,” said Christina Biggs, manager for the Search for Lost Species at Re:wild

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landfil. Biden pledges to reduce emissions.

In his COP27 speech outlining the U.S.’ climate actions, President Biden said: “Methane is 80 times more potent than carbon, and it accounts for nearly half of the net warming we’re experiencing now.  So cutting methane by at least 30 percent by 2030 can be our best chance to keep within reach of 1.5 degrees Celsius target.”

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Mushrooms used to make biodegradable computer chips

The skin off the legs of a mushroom could potentially offer a sustainable alternative to insulative substrates in computing chips. Throwing them away is much more economical for users than replacing individual parts.

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