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The Amy Hastings Collection

Embrace Kitsch: The Amy Hastings x Kind Bag Collaboration

About the Designer

Amy Hastings, a designer and maker based in York, UK, is the creative genius behind the vibrant and kitschy designs in the Amy Hastings x Kind Bag collaboration. Her work is a joyful celebration of all things pink, inspired by vintage and kitsch decor. Specialising in a few areas such as gouache illustration, rug tufting and ceramic decoration her designs follow an extensive creative process.

In the words of Amy herself: "I’ve always loved kitschy objects and collected trinkets and ceramics, and to have forged a career in the creative arts makes me so happy. I’m thrilled to have some of my favourite prints featured on Kind Bag’s cool sustainable bags. I hope you embrace the kitsch and enjoy taking my designs out and about with you!"

The Individual Designs

Leaping Cats

One of Amy’s most beloved designs, the leaping cats design, draws inspiration from the concept of Ying and Yang, representing two opposite but interconnected elements. It's a design that captures the essence of balance and harmony.

Lucky Cat

Inspired by the traditional maneki neko, Amy Hastings has reimagined the lucky cat in vibrant colours adorned with adorable tattoos. Carry this bag, and who knows, it might just bring a bit of luck to your day!

Go Get Em Tiger

This design showcases some of Amy’s most iconic illustrations in her two favourite colours: pink and blue. It's a burst of playful energy that adds a touch of whimsy to your daily routine.

Fitting into Everyday Life

The Amy Hastings x Kind Bag collection isn't just about style; it's about embracing a vibrant and sustainable lifestyle. These bags are not only fashion-forward but also environmentally conscious. They effortlessly fold into an attached small pouch, fitting into your pocket or handbag, ensuring you always have a reusable bag at hand. With their wide arms designed for comfortable carrying and a large capacity capable of holding 2-3 grocery bags of shopping, these Kind Bags blend fashion and functionality seamlessly. They add a pop of colour to any outing and elevate your everyday life with their playful designs.

The Amy Hastings X Kind Bag collection will fit straight into your wardrobe. Perfectly aligning with several fashion trends they are unbelievably easy to incorporate into your everyday fashion!

Colour Pop: Adding Bold, Colourful Accents

In the world of fashion, the concept of "colour pop" has taken centre stage by using bold, vibrant colours to make a statement with your outfit. And Amy Hastings' designs align perfectly with this trend - the vibrant pink, purple, and blue hues incorporated into her artwork are more than just colours; they're expressions of joy and positivity.

When you carry an Amy Hastings x Kind Bag, you're not just adding a pop of colour to your ensemble; you're making a bold fashion statement. The perfect accessory to accentuate your outfit, whether you're headed out to do a food shop, the gym, or a casual outing with friends. It's about embracing the power of colour to brighten your day and uplift your style.

Individualism: Expressing Your Unique Style

In a world saturated with mass-produced fashion items, it's feeling increasingly important to stand out and express individuality through clothing and accessories. Our Amy Hastings' designs offer a breath of fresh air in comparison to the everyday tote or bag. Each design is a testament to her unique artistic vision and creativity meaning you're not just carrying a bag; you're carrying a piece of art. Break away from the cookie-cutter fashion industry and make a statement that's all your own, celebrate individualism in a world where personal expression matters more than ever by carrying one of these fun and fabulous bags.

Eco-Friendly Fashion: Making Sustainability Stylish

Sustainability isn't just a lifestyle; it's a fashion statement in its own right. The Amy Hastings x Kind Bag collection is at the forefront of this sustainable fashion movement. These bags are a testament to the fact that you don't have to compromise style for sustainability - crafted from 100% recycled and recyclable materials, including plastic bottles that might otherwise harm our oceans, they do good and look good all at the same time! 

The Amy Hastings' designs for Kind Bag are more than just accessories; they are a reflection of contemporary fashion. They embody the spirit of "colour pop," celebrate individualism, and make a powerful statement about eco-friendly fashion. Carrying one of these bags isn't just about being stylish; it's about being part of a fashion movement that values creativity, individuality, and sustainability.

Female Empowerment at the Heart of our Collaborations

At Kind Bag, empowering women is not just a buzzword; it's at the core of our goal to do better. This ethos shines through brightly in the collaborations we have with talented female artists like Amy Hastings. We collaboration as a powerful catalyst for change. By partnering with artists like Amy, we love to promote equality and empowerment across the creative industry. It's not just about putting art on bags; it's about recognizing and celebrating the incredible talent and creativity that women bring to the table.

For female artists recognition and opportunities can sometimes be hard to come by, this is why we value supporting and uplifting female artists on their creative journeys so much. Collaborations provide creatives with a platform to showcase their work to a broader audience, opening doors that might have otherwise remained closed and increasing the number of people who can appreciate their talents.

While the collaboration certainly results in eye-catching and stylish bags, it's about more than just fashion. It's about making a tangible, positive impact on the world. When purchasing a bag from the Amy Hastings x Kind Bag collection, you're not only acquiring a unique fashion accessory, but you're also contributing to the advancement of female artists and bettering the environment whilst you do it! Reducing single-use plastic bags is a crucial part of Kind Bag's mission but by shopping from our collaboration collections you are also using fashion as a vehicle for change, for empowerment, and for making the world a better place. 

The Materials Used

Kind Bag's commitment to sustainability continues to shine through in this collaboration. Each bag in the Amy Hastings collection is crafted from 100% recycled and recyclable materials, including the equivalent of 6 plastic bottles that might otherwise pollute our oceans. Not only are these bags eco-friendly, but they're also vegan and cruelty-free.

With high-quality, premium, and durable materials, these bags are not only water-resistant and lightweight but also strong enough to carry up to 20kg of groceries. They're machine washable at 30 degrees, making them easy to maintain.

When you choose an Amy Hastings x Kind Bag, you're not just making a fashion statement; you're embracing a sustainable lifestyle and supporting the creative talents of women. With these bags, you can add a touch of kitsch, a pop of colour, and a whole lot of positivity to your everyday life.

So, go ahead, embrace the kitsch, and make a statement with a Kind Bag that's as unique and colourful as you are!


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