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Top Tips for Sustainable Cocktails!

In honour of world cocktail day (yes that’s a thing),  we’re sharing our top tips for sustainable cocktail making at home, PLUS our top 5 sustainable bars in London.


World cocktail day, sustainable cocktail tips


Our top tips for making cocktails sustainably at home!

Go seasonal

Each season gives us fresh flavours. Find small local producers and shop locally for your garnishes. Bring our mesh bags with you to store your produce and ditch the single-use plastic bags.  OR if you really want to commit or fancy a new hobby, why not start planting your own herb/fruit/veggie garden with compost that you've made from your organic waste and watered with rainwater caught on your roof?
BONUS TIP: Don’t let anything go to waste. Use up all parts of your fruits by freezing juice or zest for later and candy the peel!
Also, for all the gin lovers, Sipsmith is a great B Corp certified company that commit to being less than net zero and who’s bottles can be reused again and again!
Orange and lemon peel for cocktail garnish

Be plastic free!

Try to make your cocktails without any plastic. This means buying mixer that comes in recyclable glass bottles and ditching plastic straws and stirrings for metal. Also, if you’re going to use a shaker, make sure you opt for reusable metal one or use a Jam jar or reusable coffee cup instead.


Reusable backpack made from 100% recycled plastic bottles


Dry them out

Dehydrated fruit is ideal for making cocktail garnishes. The process will significantly increase the shelf life of perishable fruits and reduce the amount of food waste. Just be cautious of using non-energy efficient equipment to

Kind Bag mesh product bags


Shop vintage!

Our last tip is to use the glassware you already have or shop vintage! We all like our cocktails to look pretty but there’s no need to go out and buy a fresh set of glasses. Make use of the beautiful vintage glassware that’s already out there, and keep it out of landfill!
Vintage cocktail glasses

Looking to go out for cocktails? We’ve got you covered with our top 5 sustainable bars in London


1. Midnight Apothecary

They have their own vegetable patch and herb garden where they grow their ingredients to infuse their cocktails with!


2. The Spread Eagle

This is London first fully vegan pub! With an emphasis on minimal waste for all their food and drinks and even the interior fixtures are all also plant based.


3. Long Arm Pub

This pubs craft beer has no carbon footprint! They use a unique closed loop system in which waste grains from brewing are fed to fish, the waste is then used to fertilise plants in the on-site garden, which grows herbs, fruits and vegetables.

4. The Duke of Cambridge

Britains first organic pub, serving biodynamic wines, carbon negative brews and botanical spirits. Even the interiors are kitted out head to toe in up-cycled furniture. 


5. Quaglinos

A plastic free restaurant and bar with live music events seven days a week. As well as being plastic free they also keep everything low waste and responsibly sourced!


What’s your favourite go to cocktail?





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